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    About Us

    in our work since 2007, we have created an internet site infrastructure where our customers can manage their own sites, which can be updated centrally and can be backed up regularly to prevent errors.

    By redesigning the "Site with Management Panel" logic, we have started offering a turnkey website to our customers (including images, photos and articles). Thanks to this system, you can get your site up and running in just 1 (one) day and literally ready to go live.

    In our work for sectors, we have determined the needs of each sector and created ready-made site templates with appropriate menus for them.

    We Use the Latest Technology

    Thanks to Responsive (mobile compatible) websites, your website is displayed correctly on all devices, you will not lose customers.

    Nowadays, mobile devices are beginning to replace desktop devices. Two-dec-one, the correct viewing of your website on tablets and mobile phones will get you more customers. Potential customers entering your site get information about you without interruption and it becomes easier for them to make decisions.

    • we have been making a Responsive site since the beginning of 2015.
    • We give you the opportunity to choose from at least 3 different designs.
    • All the information that should be on your site is placed by us.
    • Thanks to the Turkish administration panel, you can easily add it.

    All dec one: web-based software, web design, advertising and SEO!

    Our team consists of people who have been experts and experienced in their field for many years.
    No problem, we deliver your jobs smoothly with our solution-oriented working principle.
    We become a part of your team until you complete your job and complete your shortcomings, if any.

    Our Differences

    Our founder has more than 20 years of experience in the software industry. We have been trying to develop the Site Factory ™ brand for more than 10 years. In this process, we have specialized in many issues by solving the problems we face quickly and have started to offer reasonable solutions to the demands of our customers. You can consult our portfolio to confirm our experience.

      The software infrastructure we use works with Microsoft-based cloud technology.

    Your data is published quickly from our servers based in Turkey.

    All of our sites are regularly backed up and stored for a long time.

    Thanks to 100% Domestic Production and a Turkish management panel, you control your site yourself.

    You don't have to remember the renewal dates, we will get back to you before the time comes.

    You can buy your site immediately by entering our Online Store.