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    What should I do before making a website?

    First, prepare your documents and images. Who makes the website, how much does it cost, rather than how, reveals the materials at hand. The history, vision, mission of your company, the visuals of your company, the visuals of your products, the documentation of your products, your contact information, your promotions, your ads, your videos, etc.s. make an archive of all of them. This is the most important job that you need to do for you, because it takes about 10 or 15 days earlier to complete the delivery process of your job.

    Search for your competing companies, what they have added, what they have not added, what kind of skeleton (about us, products, news, communication, etc.s.) see if you have used them. How he made product introductions, how he described his features, examine them. Review their design, do not limit yourself to a few companies, take some time and study other alternatives. Take note of the images and documents that you don't want to have and specify them to your designer.

    Do not act on out-of-ear sentences. Put online sales, add a company guide, put this, put this october acting with logic is both a waste of time and a damage to your wallet. If a grocery store does not put an ice cabinet because it does not sell meat, it is unreasonable that it does not work for you, with the idea that I will use it in the future, definitely do not add it to your site, do not add it.

    For example, you have a manual catalog that you show to your customers, you want to send it to your website as an e-catalog, it can be done. But in the future, you need to update or update it again. However, you made your website to promote your products. There is a page available for your products, you can share its features, visuals, even videos. Why e-catalog when you have all these possibilities? We have examples that we don't say in the sense that we can't do this. Our goal is the right project and the right goal...

    Or you have a hotel or a student dormitory. In our opinion, these places are introduced with the most beautiful 360° virtual tour. You can tell all the places of your venue with a virtual tour while showing a specific frame with photos. You can offer your customers more reasonable and clear ideas. It is possible to get one step ahead of your competitors. As we said, our goal is the right project and the right goal...

    As a result, you have to meet with a web designer without planning anything at all and without knowing, you have to meet with a web designer knowing what your needs are, what is how.

    How Much Do You Make the Website For?

    This is one of the most frequently asked questions for us. Many people or institutions want to get information about the prices for making a website, and they immediately express it. The interesting thing is that since it is a received service, unfortunately, it does not have a list price. Isn't it quite natural that there are these differences for the service and there is no list price, even for products that do the same job, while there are price differences due to the material used, brand value and similar reasons?

    Since we face these demands quite often, we would like to remind you first of all what it takes to get the price of a website design job.

    1. Remove the sitemap, that is, its skeleton.

    2. List a few of the sites that you like and dislike.

    3. Subtract the number of your products, product category, number of your services. Thus, we will more or less know how many pages of a design you need.

    4. Do you need a database application? Will there be functions such as product search, filtering, listing, on dec site? Determine them.

    5. If you want to update the site, you will need a good content management software (admin panel). Do research for this.

    6. An important aspect is to request a compatible design and decode of the search engine.

    You need to be conscious and knowledgeable about this and many other points like this. But this is not enough, you also need to be prepared. Trying to get a price without making this preparation both reduces you to a novice and frivolous situation and prevents you from getting the right project price.

    So why do you get very different prices when you have determined all these points?

    Quality is always the main factor that determines the price, if the subtleties and details of the work done make you feel that you are different, that you are a professional in your business, then you have become acquainted with quality. The price of a high-level, dynamic, original and impressive project with visuals, of course, will be different.

    Then comes the continuity. Designing a website and publishing it does not mean that the work is over. The main work begins after that. It is necessary to take into account many elements of your website, such as accessibility, continuity, updates, communication with social networks, etc. An important detail; The biggest problem of our customers who want to work with us is that I made the site, but it doesn't open, I can't update it, I can't reach the staff, I hear their sentences and they make us conditional on this. For this reason, the references of the Site Factory are attached to our site and we want you to do research on this issue, please contact our references and ask them about the details mentioned above. The prices of companies that you can reach at any time and can provide solutions to your problems will be different.

    How soon will you deliver our website?

    In case of a domain registration request, our client will be notified immediately if the domain is suitable for the registrar. , registration of domain names with extensions takes 2-3 working days, provided that all documents are sent to us in full. Other domain name (domain) registration operations are performed instantly. The hosting service is activated instantly.

    Web design service is carried out at least within a week, depending on various factors such as customer satisfaction, technical specifications, content density. These specified periods have been determined within the framework of the usual conditions and our experience. Unusual situations have been kept separate outside the Site Factory. These are the provision of materials such as documents, images, videos to be added to your site, customer instability, etc. jul.. there are reasons like this.

    Who are you not working with?

    In fact, explaining this question at once can push negative thoughts to the other side. Let's explain it to you with an example; a lead came and said that I will make a website. I have previous knowledge and experience in these matters, so he said that I won't cause you a lot of problems and troubles. Of course, we don't break such a customer, but we are glad that it will make our work easier for us because he knows the business. We started sorting what we want; I want a website, it will be divided into 3 categories on the main page at the entrance and as 3 separate projects. Here's where we came. 3 Separate categories, 3 separate projects? Himm there will be 3 separate projects. We said OK and kept listening. We will manage these 3 separate projects separately from the admin panels. Image, video and document input v.s. we will have the opportunity to edit and add them all. Alright.. Its design should be eye-catching, which is very important for us. Alright.. finally, I want a logo study. What does it cost us? Before we start explaining, the customer said that if you buy 3 domains now, 150, if you buy a host, 100, let the stone crack, 300, you didn't know, about 500 is probably something.

    The answer to this customer is usually NO. We have never worked with people or companies that consider a website as a domain and hosting, and we never work with such approaches. unfortunately, we don't work with friends who want 3 separate sites, want 3 separate designs, want 3 separate admin panels, and want a logo to work as a plus, and design their payment plan in their minds. If you don't see it, website design, logo design, admin panel coding, seo work, social networks work, entering content (such as documents, images and videos) on your website and the cost of delivering this job in a short time cannot be the same with the above idea.

    I have a website, can I work with you?

    Yes, we can work, but coder and our design team need to review your site and confirm the reliability of your site. How? we heard you ask. As a Site Factory, we do not provide a server (hosting) package that you can manage on our system. We allow only updates (document, image, video input) on your site. As for the reason of security, we think about everything that you don't want to happen to you on other websites that we host on our site. That's why our coder friends are reviewing your site, is it clear? Is there a shell? Is there any interference with your site without your knowledge? Are there any meaningless scritp, code blocks that don't work for you? Have your emails been spammed? Cpu usage of your site, space usage, etc.s. they review a lot of factors like this. You will be notified if there are problems, you can work with us if it is convenient.

    After a certain period of time you have started working with us to manage your site (cpanel, plesk v.s.) you asked for your login details. Whatever the reason, I'll give it to someone I know, I'll give it to someone who knows, it doesn't matter, as I'll enter it myself, we give it. But we are absolutely not responsible for any problems that may occur on your site. If one of the factors that our coder friends are studying is detected on your site, you will be warned once, if it is still in progress, your site will be deleted from our system. Please note that we do not delete it at the first time, because we respect labor.

    Why shouldn't I have a website?

    No one knows you better than you. If you are going to tell a web designer to make my beautiful brother my site and step aside, you definitely should not do it. You must definitely have a share in the dough of this business, because as a result, you, your company and your products will be promoted. No web designer has any information about you. Most likely, you also do not want to be misinformed about yourself. You should always have control, constantly eliminating incomplete, incorrect and unreasonable sentences allows you to be clear and reliable in expressing yourself.