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    Warranty Terms

    We guarantee your satisfaction by making our service quality continuous, high-quality, uninterrupted and constantly developing service understanding and customer-oriented work.

    14-Day Refund Guarantee

    The Site Factory provides an unconditional 14-day money-back guarantee to customers who have purchased a site package (excluding custom designs). This 14-day period begins with the opening of the customer account and ends with the expiration of the promised period. If the customer applies for account cancellation in writing (by e-mail or fax) during this period, the customer account will be closed immediately after the cancellation application, and all collections made will be credited to an account that the customer will notify via EFT/wire transfer (with an EFT fee of 5 TL deducted).


    If the Customer's account is suspended for reasons arising from the circumstances specified in the Service Agreement, the 14-day refund guarantee does not apply.

    99% Service Continuity Guarantee

    In order for our customers to feel safe about our service quality and continuity, a 99% service continuity guarantee is provided.


    Problems can often be encountered in Internet transactions. There may be times when you are unable to access your website and other services due to problems that are not caused by Site Factory servers. Connection decelerations and even disconnections may occur due to infrastructure and routing problems between your internet service provider from which you receive your Internet service, or your ISP and the Site Factory. The Site Factory does not accept responsibility for problems arising from such reasons.

    The Site Factory performs various maintenance on servers and network equipment when necessary. Such system maintenance will be announced to our customers by sending a mass e-mail. Our customers are responsible for keeping the e-mail address registered in our system up-to-date. Service interruptions that occur during such maintenance are not covered by the service continuity guarantee.